he Aventek Stun Gun is designed to immobilize, take daily abuse, and be simple to use. The only fully field repairable EID. Aventek offers a real armorer course. See for yourself how rugged the construction of the unibody frame and advanced polymers are:

Aventek's innovative design team has aggressively challenged the status quo to bring you the toughest and most user friendly EID. TheStun Gun is designed to be simple to use. Just point, shoot, arrest. It is that simple! Made for daily abuse. Take a look at how strong the Stun Gun's innovative Uni-body frame is:

Features include:

Off The Shelf" batteries - Save your department time and money

Internal Cartridge Retention – Protect the cartridge when things heat up;

Push Button On/Off Safety – Extremely durable and simple to use, ensures the Karbon MPID turns on when it's most needed;

Single Finger Cartridge Eject System – Eject the cartridge quickly and effectively, no fumbling equals no accidents;

Uni-Body Solid Frame Construction – Durability to last through daily abuse;

Integrated Front Sight and Integrated Flashlight – Makes sure everyone knows where the darts are heading;

Wireless Data Conveyance – No open ports on the unit, simple to place on data dock, has virtually no clock driftIt is easy for one to see why the Avantek Stun Gun could be the most advanced EID offered to the law enforcement community. *(United States Patent 7,778,005)

Feature Stun Gun Taser X26®
Off the shelf batteries Yes No
Cartridge eject buttons Yes No
Auto shut off each cycle Yes No
100% Field repairable Yes No
Recessed Cartridge Yes No
Illuminated Front Site Yes No
Push button on/off Yes No
Unibody Shell Frame Yes No
Wireless Data Collection Yes No
Air Cartridges Yes Yes
Variable Pulse Rate Yes No
No daily spark test required Yes No

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