Stun / Electric Riot Shields

When it comes to hazardous crowd control or cell extractions, the Ice Shield is the ultimate safeguard. This electrified riot shield provides added protection when you're faced with disorderly crowds, civil disturbances, prison disturbances and forced cell entries. So when a threatening situation starts to heat up, cool it down with the Ice Shield.

Utilizing Avantek electronic incapacitation technology, the shield is constructed of ¼" polycarbonate Lexan® and features nine sparking display points on the front to provide a visible deterrent. The power shield can be used as a traditional riot shield, or the operator can simply push a switch on the shield's handles to activate a non-lethal, immobilizing shock on contact. The product is currently in use by numerous organizations including the New York City DOC and Riker's Island.


  • Trigger-switch mounted in handle

  • High-performance power output

  • (6) 3-volt lithium batteries

  • Removable electronics

  • Both concave and convex designs

  • 2 sizes – Standard (20" x 36") or Full Body/Institutional (24" x 48")

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