Stun / Electric Prisoners Belt


Suspect behavior can be unpredictable, but with the Electric Prisoners Belt you've always got backup. This easy-to-use prisoner restraint system serves as a deterrent and is designed for the safe, effective transportation of inmates by providing the greatest security available without the use of potential lethal force.

The Electric Prisoners Belt is comprised of a universal sleeve which is placed either on a prisoner's leg or arm. Through a discreet placement of electrodes on the subject's leg or arm, the Band-It delivers an incapacitating electric shock if the subject attempts to escape or attack. These impulses can be set to go off automatically on movement or manually with a wireless remote up to 175 feet away. The Electric Prisoners Belt has been used on tens of thousands of prisoners nationwide by local and federal law enforcement agencies including the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the U.S. Marshals.


The ultimate performance of an electronic incapacitation device (EID) is dependent on the ability of the device to affect the electrical system of the body. To achieve this, the distance between contact probes becomes a critical factor. The shorter the distance between the probes, the less the impact on the body's system. The Band-It™ stun package was designed with a 2.5" or more to permit more contact area upon the subject.

When the activator switch is depressed, electricity flows into muscular tissue of the suspect at a predetermined pulse rate frequency. This typically temporarily incapacitates the subjects muscles allowing security personnel to contain the situation. The Band-It™ may be worn in eight (8) places on the body over or under clothing. This device maintains 100% contact with the skin or clothing without having to constantly tighten it.


The mind has limited ability when focusing upon a task or objective. In order to achieve a goal, the body and mind must be working together as a team. An individual bent on escape or a spontaneous outburst requires focus and also sustains an adrenaline rush. Thus, such focus is destroyed when the device is actually activated.

When an individual challenges the Electric Prisoners Belt, he/she is challenging the body's ability to cope with an outside stimulus of mind-altering force. Should an individual be able to "walk off" the effects of an application, any other objective becomes a moot point and unattainable because the entire focus is on the force of the device.


  • Remote and automatic activation

  • Key lock on/off switch

  • Self contained, concealed antenna system

  • Audible warning tone

  • One second delay in case of accidental activation

  • Surge guard arrestor

  • Battery pack good for 2 years of on-demand life

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