De-mining Suits

About De-mining Suits

Features For De-mining Suits

  • Adjustable and rotative head for sweeping over different topographies.

  • Telescopic and size adjustable arm for operator's comfort.

  • Visual verification panel allows to pinpoint the location of objective minimizing false alarms and reducing the " human error" factor.

  • Water-proof (imapermeable) and compact designed, with no wires nor uncomfortale elements.

  • Option to be operated with a battery rack separated from the detector.

  • Innovative cspsules system, to modify its sensitivity ehen acing big artifacts(UXO).

  • Protective cover to minimize shocks and fricton of the detector's head, guaranteeing higher duration and resistance

  • Electronic filters let isolate radio-electrical interferences and minimize the activation of magnetic mines, guaranteeing detector's fidelity

  • Bi- polar technology and multiperiod sensitive sysem that makes possible to work near pipelines, energy towers or electric fences without reducing detection capabilities,leading to higher functionality.

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